Veteran’s Benefits
Palm Desert Veteran’s Benefits Attorney

Many of our greatest heroes, the men and women who have served in our armed forces, do not receive the Veterans Benefits they so justly deserve. Nor do their families. Why? Several reasons: some veterans do not even know that they are eligible for the benefits; the application and approval process is complicated and frustrating; and many veterans who apply for benefits are denied initially, despite the fact that they are indeed eligible, and finally give up in disgust.

At Desert Law Group, our Palm Desert Veteran’s Benefits attorneys are dedicated to helping veterans and their families obtain the benefits to which their service and sacrifice entitles them, including non-Service connected pension and survivor benefits.

The Aid and Attendance Program

Roughly one out of every four seniors in the United States could qualify for The Aid and Attendance benefit under the right conditions. Amazingly, only about 5% of U.S. seniors are actually receiving this benefit. The Aid and Attendance Program allows an eligible veteran or eligible widowed spouse to pay anyone, even their children and relatives, for home care. It can also be used to pay for in-home care from a professional caregiver, assisted living, nursing home care, insurance premiums, prescription drugs, and more. In short, the Aid and Attendance benefit gives a veteran or widowed spouse the option to reside at home for as long as possible, while protecting hard-earned personal assets.

For an eligible veteran, the Aid and Attendance benefit can pay up to $2,054/month for a couple, $1,732/month for a single veteran and $1,113 for a single surviving spouse, tax-free. For veterans to qualify, the requirements include:

  • The veteran must be 65 or older, OR permanently and completely disabled
  • Discharged from service under conditions other than dishonorable
  • At least 90 days of active military service, one day of which was served during a period of war
  • A net worth that is not considered “excessive” and a countable family income that falls below annual limits set by the Veterans Administration

At Desert Law Group, our Palm Desert Veteran’s Benefits attorneys can devise a plan to protect your assets while at the same time helping you meet the criteria for eligibility. We have the experience and understanding of Veterans Benefits law necessary to ensure you receive the maximum amount of assistance available to you.

You have served our country. We welcome the opportunity to be of service to you. Contact us today for a consultation. We can help determine whether you are eligible for benefits, and the level of assistance to which you are entitled.

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